Calgary Welder Test Centre Ltd.



Calgary Welder Test Centre Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What type of payment methods do you take?


Answer: The payment methods accepted are cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard.


Question 2: How much do you charge for training?


Answer: Click on Forms and choose the form that applies to you. From there you will receive additional information including pricing.


Question 3: Do you supply testing equipment?


Answer: We supply the following testing equipment: Wire Brush, Chipping Hammer, Rod Bucket, and a Grinder with a wire wheel.


Question 4: What should I bring to the Welder Testing Centre?


Answer: All protective equipment must be brought by the welder. This includes the following: Safety glasses, gloves, boots, appropriate clothing, helmet.


Question 5: Does the Calgary Welder Test Centre issue CWB tickets?


Answer: The Welder Test Centre will forward a transferable qualification record to you from CWB. Please note that this is not a valid ticket until you have it transferred to a CWB accredited company.


Question 6: If I decide to cancel is there a cancellation fee?


Answer: Cancellation Fees will be charged for anyone canceling after the Friday Cut Off Date. Cancellation fee will be $50.00 and payable prior to you testing with our Test Centre.


Question not answered? You can contact us directly by Email or Phone